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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Punk Singer: A Film about Kathleen Hanna

I've had a lack of inspiration to say the least lately. I was feeling drained of all artistic inhibition. I desperately needed to be inspired or something..... I needed to be jolted with some sort of energy and reminded why I started this blog and half- assed vintage store in the first place. Something that would help me get back into that creative space. Something or someone to inspire me. 

Thank God for insomnia and Netflix.

I came across  the  'The Punk Singer' a documentary about Kathleen Hanna, the front woman of such bands as Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and The Julia Ruin.   If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend to give it a go. 

I have always a big admirer to anyone who raises a big middle finger in the air to mainstream media and societies perception of what a female should be. To take your bullshit ideas and stick it up your ass.  Kathleen Hanna, did just that. I also appreciate anyone who goes after what they want in life, especially those who have a message and aren't afraid to speak up about it. Kathleen formed a band, made art, music, zines, and was instrumental of the riot grrrl scene, - GIRLS IN THE FRONT (apparently Courtney Love was paying a little too much attention on that one).

One of my favorite parts of the documentary was seeing vulnerable side of Kathleen. What you often see isn't always what actually is. Even though she was (and still is) this loud, assertive, feminist, punk rock singer, theres also another side we can easily forget - especially with outspoken females; that shes a human being first and foremost.

 Have to end the post now, as I'm gonna go try and kick some ass.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop = F*CK YES!

Anyone who says that they don't like Kate Moss's style, I don't trust. Period. And we probably cannot be friends anymore. (Sorry Laura, this is why I'm not returning your calls)
So when I heard that Kate Moss was doing another line for Topshop, I immediately got on the phone with Capital One and submitted a request for a credit limit increase.
And once again Kate does not disappoint, at all. Lots and lots of my current favorite trend fringe - on jackets, evening gowns, dresses. Bold fabrics, flowy tops, silk pajama pants and the simple yet understated evening wear you can dress up or dress down. All just in time for 2014 Hipster Olympics.. I mean Coachella. ;-)

Here are some of my favs... Are you guys as fucking pumped as I am?

Photos: Vogue.com

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Legacy of Kurt Cobain

I remember watching Nirvana play on MTV's Unplugged. My parents went to bed and I had free range of the TV. MTV was the obvious channel you went to back in those days as an adolescent (there was no such thing as Teen Mom back then.. it was great) and I remember watching Kurt, hunched over his guitar, wearing that green cardigan, hair straggly, piercing blue eyes. He took a drag off his cigarette, and then began to play. I was enamored immediately. Hypnotized. Chills literally ran up my spine. I had goosebumps. He sang, he felt, it was an experience to say the least. Something that could never be replicated.
It's been 20 years since Kurt Cobain took his own life on April 5, 1994, (I am a day late) I am not quite sure how Kurt would feel about all of this attention over his death or even his persona. I don't even think he got the whole idea of Kurt Cobain. But his legacy made a tattoo in this world weather he or anyone else liked it or not.

Like with so many others, Kurt for whatever reason resonated with me. I can't really pick one thing about him that really stood out. It was everything. His voice, the way he strummed his guitar, his fuck you punk rock mentality which was a contrast to his sensitive and fragile demeanor. I like so many others, could relate. It was everything I was feeling and kept hidden deep down inside; angst, anger, sadness, not wanting to conform, feeling different, ugly, weirdly happy... Kurt expressed it for me. Want to dye your hair red? Fuck it, do it! Wear whatever the fuck you want! Don't feel like you fit in? It's all good, either do I. Be who you are as fucked up as it may seem to everyone else. In some weird way he inspired me.
I write this as a fan, and I write this as a celebration of his life and spirit.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NYC Nostalgia - 'Bright Nights'

Recently New York City raised the age to purchase cigarettes from 18 to 21 years of age. Now, I am not condoning smoking, nor I am currently a smoker, or a resident of NYC, but there was something a little off putting about this. Maybe its just a cultivation of recent events.  Honestly I thought, what the fuck happened to the NYC that I used to know? I am not that old, but I do remember a time, mid 90's (I had written about this before in a previous post) when I was 16 or so,  was able to sit in a bar, light up a cigarette, and have a drink, listen to a punk band and watch a drag show, no hassle ... just that feeling of being free without restrictions  I was on a high of the adrenaline of all these new adventures surrounding me. of not being carded, or 
being questioned about my age in general. No one seemed to really give a fuck, mostly they would just shake their head and think to themselves, I remember when I was that age... 
I wasn't causing any trouble, truth was I was just a teenage girl who was curious and most of all I wanted to explore life and see things that I couldn't see in my small upstate town. What better place than New York City? Sure I am now able to do these things legally now so it doesn't have the same effect as being 16, but I think of kids my age and how are they suppose to explore and rebel nowadays when society seems to have this stick up their ass. This is where my mothers voice chimes into my head "Please don't ever have children Beck...."

I watched the film 'Dazed and Confused' the other day and thought to myself, these things would NEVER be able to happen in 2013. A high school drinking party in the woods? This day in age someone would post a picture on some social media site, which would lead to a turn of events of someone being charged for underage drinking, providing booze, blah blah blah... leading to arrests and an article on the front page of the local newspaper. Whats the fun in being a teenager nowadays? Sometimes I feel like we live in a society where there are more and more limitations on what we cannot do.

I guess I'm getting off topic...
Todd Seelie's new photography book "Bright Nights" seems to bring all that nostalgia of the old New York back to me. Proving that there is in a fact a bunch of people out there doing what they want to do, though it might not be as easy as it use to be, they're living the way they want to live. They're doing this shit still and in NYC. From makeshift rafts in the Hudson River, to throwing secret parties in tunnels, Seelie's photos really captures that freedom I remembered and quenches my bad-ass thirst. New York has not lost its edge. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places...

Check out this great article at Slate blog as well. If you want :)

photos: Todd Seelie

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chola Style

Back when I was about 14, I was sent or willingly attended (depending on who you asked) an all girls boarding school for 2 years until I was asked not to return. Anywho, my roommate was a bad ass Mexican girl from the city, who to this day I consider one of my closest friends.
She taught me a lot of things, like don't fuck around with her Jonathan Taylor Thomas poster or you'll get thrown across the room - literally, Mexican slang, bandannas are fucking dope, Ranchera music is the shit, and my introduction to chola style. Life lessons I will never forget.
Ever since then I have been obsessed with the So-Cal Chola style that has influenced so many things  From movies like "Mi Vida Loca, (My Crazy Life)" and "American Me", art, tattoos and especially the fashion. Though I never got as far as the pencil in eyebrows and bandannas, YET (I still got time), I did embrace the Dickie's and thick lip liner for a bit.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Worst Christmas Ever

I think it's fair to say I took life way too seriously for way too long. If you haven't guessed by now, that's me on the right sobbing hysterically for whatever reason on this beautiful Christmas morning. Despite the mountain of awesome gifts I received (Hello! Who didn't want a Rainbow Brite doll in the 80's?) which many children would have been grateful to have, I was crying my eyes out while my patient sister stood next to me holding her gift, while confused as to why she has to not only dress like this whining idiot, but stand next to her.

I laugh at this picture now, although I was too young to remember this Christmas, or why the hell I was so upset. Later that night, as this is retold to me every single year by several eye witness, my crying jagged continued. While at dinner I took Rainbow Brite from her highchair, opened the butter dish and screaming at the top my lungs started dragging her hair through the butter. Maybe this is reason I don't have children, karma is a bitch.

I do remember the years that followed weren't that different. The crying fits, hysterics around Christmas time. Getting a bathrobe I specifically told my mom I did not want. I remember opening up the gift, scrapping away the last the of wrapping paper. I looked at the plain box and I knew exactly what was in there. I could feel my blood boil, my rage growing with every time I heard someone open a shitty gift and say and say "Oh gee, Salad shooter! Thanks Aunt Kathy!" Bullshit.
I could have done that. I could have taken the high road and gone by the phrase "It's the thought that counts." I could have shrugged my shoulders and said to myself, well a bathrobe is a practical gift and I could use one. Nope. I didn't do anything of these things. 10 years later I was about the do the same exact thing as when I was 4 years old. Throw a fit. I opened the box and gritted my teeth with anger. Tears came streaming down my face as I screamed at my poor mother. I took the bathrobe outside and started screaming "I TOLD YOU!!! I DID NOT WANT A FUCK-ING BATHROBE!!!"
I was no longer the girl who during the day at school pretended to laugh and smile when it wasn't funny. The girl who never spoke up. The quiet girl in the back row. The girl who did what everyone else wanted. Nope. Call it built up rage... fuck.
And rage it was, as I threw the bathrobe in the mud and snow and stomped on it while my family looked on in horror. My sister rolling her eyes to one of my attention seeking antics.

Of course once again I look back and shake my head in disgust whenever that topic is brought up. I wish I had a moral of the story, but yes I was a brat, yes, I had pent up anger, and yes maybe I was an ungrateful little bitch. But.... time goes by, people get older, learn more, lose more, gain more. Understand a little bit more. At the end of the day, you look back and think how serious life does not have to be. How much more enjoyable life is when we take a deep breath and appreciate the little things that surround us in life, you know the things we take for granted. Like a hug from an old friend, the wind on your face sitting on the back of your uncles motorcycle.OK maybe someone stepped on your toe in the subway, but is it worth losing sleep over? You don't have to be a doormat, but the more you concentrate on what's wrong in your life, you're missing out on the amazing things that are happening around you. I did that for toooo many years. Totally not worth it. Plus don't ever let your mom cut your hair.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alessandra & Kate

It actually feels like spring today. For the first time in what seems like years the sun actually came out! I've been seriously lacking in vitamin D.
I also love the new Vogue Brazil with Alessandra Ambrosio. The vibrant colors, mix and match patterns, and especially the retro beach vibe. It makes me happy :)

You know what else makes me happy? Wine. You know what else? Kate Winslet on the cover of Harpers Bazaar. She's always been one of my favorite actresses and to me one of the most beautiful. Plus she's married to a guy named Ned Rocknroll, how bad ass is that?

photos via fashiongonerogue.com

Friday, March 1, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Goldie Hawn - 1980's

I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror. My hair looks like shit. The only thing it reminded me of was the movie 'Overboard' with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn (don't act like you haven't seen that classic) It reminded me so much of Goldie Hawn's character Joanna/Annie right after she fell overboard and Kurt Russell picks her up from the hospital. Yeah....Goldie Hawn rocked that do, so I guess I'll rock it out until I figure what the hell else to do with it.