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Thursday, August 28, 2014

#tbt 1994

If I ever get this time machine finished, I would go back to the year 1994. Why? Beacuse 1994 was was a bad ass year. Seriously, I never realized how much cool shit happened in 1994 until the other day.

Some of the greatest Movie classics of our time came out in 1994


Pulp Fiction


Some really great music was also made in 1994


Soundgarden's Superunknown

The Beastie Boys brought us 'Sabotage' - one of the greatest music videos ever made 

Some other shit went on too.. 

OJ Simpson trial ring a bell???? 


The Tonya Harding - Nancy Kerrigan fiasco

And we lost a music legend.... RIP  Kurdt

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Private School Bitches

Last night I came home to find my roommate watching 'Bad Girls Club' on the Oxygen channel.  I admit it, that shits addicting so I started watching it too and next thing I know it was 5 hours later and I couldn't help but get flash backs of the stint I did at an New England all girls boarding school. Yeah that time.
The real 'OG's as I like to call them. These girls on the 'Bad Girls Club' were basic bitches compared to the girls who I went to private school with.
I remember the fist fights, the girls with that crazy look in their eye, literally crazy as fuck bitches... ya know the kind that are mentally not all there?

The girls who came from wealthy, distinguished Southern and New England families who made their way through the revolving door of boarding schools. Get kicked out of one, just sent to another one, and repeat.

The girls who's faces adorned the brochures, held elite positions such as 'class treasurer' or 'vice president of the Latin club' who's typical weekend included snorting Ritalin, getting drunk as fuck, and giving blow jobs to men they met on the internet in gas station parking lots. All just in time for Monday where they would give a school wide speech about the importance of class leadership.

The girls from New York City who intimidated the fuck out of me, showed me how to make a mean side part in my hair using a combination of hair spray and sticky substance of hair gel from the dollar store, and were kind enough to let me hang out with them.

The girls who I would shop lift with... oh the shop lifting, we'd wear baggy clothes and steal wet n' wild makeup from CVS at  the mall.

The girl who was obsessed with the Sesame Street character 'Elmo' to the point where she admitted to me that she would have no problem making love to Elmo if only he had male genitalia.

The girls who would eat lunch with you, give you a handmade friendship bracelet than by dinner notice they were wearing your new pair of jeans and rocking the earrings your Grandmother gave you for your 13th birthday.

The teachers who were ashamed of their own shitty experience in high school decided to live vicariously through the girls in the popular clique.

The girl with the green mohawk who made her own 'zines and pierced your belly button with an ice cube and a sewing needle in your dorm room.

The girl who would sit next to me in class and whisper "So tell me...what was public school like?" with excitement and wonder in her eyes.

The girls with very very familiar last names who'd sneak out of study hall to smoke Marlboro menthol lights with the boys who worked in the kitchen.

The girl who was the daughter of a wealthy Latin American diplomat who threatened to "kick my fuuuuuckkkkkking ass" if I told anyone about her having sex with her 30 year boyfriend in a van in the mall parking.

The girl who collected wolf memorabilia, (before the hipsters took it over and it became ironic) her dorm room was literally everything wolves. From posters, figurines, bed sheets, blankets, clocks, t-shirts, necklaces, and  yes even a pair of underwear she was so inclined to show me during biology class one day. She also liked to eat her own ear wax which I had the pleasure on multiple occasions to watch.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sandy Allen, The Life and Legacy of the World's Tallest Woman

I use to hate being tall. I mean I loathed it. Growing up I was always the tallest girl in my class. Maybe there would be a guy or two taller than me, but looking back at class pictures there I was, standing center in the back row, at least a foot taller than the rest of my classmates. I felt like a freak. My mother use to tell me "Someday you'll love it!" I shook my head in anger as I could never even imagine a day where I would love my height.

My classmates teasing and stupid questions didn't help matters either. "How's the weather up there?"  "Do you play basketball?". I just wanted to sit down and never get up. Butt... I eventually stopped growing, the boys and some girls started to catch up with me later on in high school, and at 5'10 I hardly consider myself that tall.

I recently came across an article on BuzzFeed entitled; The Sad, Strange, True Story of Sandy Allen, The Tallest Woman in the World (I recommend reading) I immediately slapped myself for ever feeling like I was the tallest woman in the world. Sandy Allen grew to be 7'7 1/4 making her indeed the tallest woman in the world. (Unless there was another woman who was 7'8 hiding in a cave somewhere)

Sandy, who grew up in Shelbyville, Indiana, was told she needed surgery to remove a tumor on her brain which most likely the cause of her rapid growth. Her family being uninsured simply did not return to the physician. Many people say it would have been the difference between her being a normal tall person to a person with gigantism.

Instead of hiding for the rest of her life, (Like I felt like doing) Sandy chose to embrace her unique situation. She traveled the world and met many famous people, appeared on several talk shows. I guess while I applaud her for her positive approach on her appearance, I also felt a tinge of sadness while reading this article. I could sense this desire in her just wanting to live a normal life so to speak, a 9 to 5, a husband, kids, and leaving her house without it being some sort of a spectacle. But we are all given circumstances in our life that are beyond our control, and we have choices to make on how we deal with them. I'm sure Sandy had many a days where she wished she wasn't tall and hated her height. But she sure didn't show it.

images: Buzzfeed.com

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Giambattista Valli COUTURE 2014

I'm sharing these pictures of Giambattista Valli's 2014 fall couture line because it's fucking beautiful. I am in love.

photos: Harper Bazaar

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm a loner Dottie. A Rebel.

I thought that while on my never ending road trip, it would be only fitting that I dedicate this blog post to one of the greatest movies of my generation (says me) .. 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure'.

I won't go over the plot again, because I am assuming everyone has already seen this movie, it should be a law or something. And if you haven't... GO FUCKING SEE IT!!!! You'll thank me later. And yes I stopped and saw the Cabazon Dinosaurs today. (I couldn't help it!) Next stop, the basement at the Alamo.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nicolas Cage Art

One of my all time favorite things in life is Nicolas Cage in 'Con Air'. Hands down the best. So when I heard that there was a Nicolas Cage themed art show a few months back in San Francisco, I thought. A.) Why the fuck didn't I get an invite  B.) Fucking Genius  C.) Why did it take so long for this to happen? and  D). Why was I not notified?
Needless to say I was pretty bummed that I missed out on that one. But, God works in mysterious ways, and original organizer Ezra Croft decided to do it again, this time in Los Angeles. So while I'm busy crafting away on my Nicolas Cage themed masterpiece... (so many ideas!) I'll leave you with some amazing Nic Cage fan art pieces to get your juices flowing.

Event takes place July 19th at 8pm
Event/submission details can be found at http://www.nicolascageisgod.com/

Marguerite Kalhor 

Alice Brerton 

Steven Holliday

Sunday, June 8, 2014

ále by Alessandra Ambrosio

I know, I know.. its really a tough a decision,  but after much thought and consideration I have decided that Alessandra Ambrosio is my all time favorite Victoria's Secret model. It was between her and Laeticia Casta, but I am confident in my final (for now) decision.
 I've always been in awe of Alessandra's effortless chic bohemian style. In fact when I found out that she started her own clothing line called ále by Alessandra I quickly mouthed "fuck yes" and started my online shopping extravaganza.

Alessandra's pieces are everything you expected them to be, loose flowy tops & maxi dresses, lots of tie dye, funky patterns with fabrics that drape your body in just the right way... really hoping I get to go to another music festival soon BTW..

photos: via  www.alebyalessandra.com

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Road Trippin'

I've always had this crazy fantasy. I've had it for years... to a point where I couldn't concentrate on anything without being interrupted by that dream. That what if.  It was a mad idea really.. a road trip by myself, from Miami, FL to Seattle. Just me, my car, and the open road. No definite plans, no excuses, no deadlines, no nothing. Just to expect the unexpected.
I would just drive.
And so I did just that.
I left my unhappy temp job, waited till the lease on the apartment was up, then I gave away everything I didn't really need and what few remaining items I had left I packed into my car and headed out.

From the colorful art deco buildings of Miami, the bayous of Louisana, the vast, huge state that is Texas, picturesque New Mexican sunsets, catcuses of Arizona to the sprawling deserts to the Pacific Ocean  to the gigantic redwoods of California, to the wonderful lush Pacific Northwest.. It's been a sensory orgasm. I've also connected with some really amazing people (Hi Mandy!)  and reconnected with some old ones. Saw some family I hadn't seen in forever.

 White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

 Key West, FL

 Bisbee, AZ

 The Great City of Austin, TX

 Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea, CA

 UFO Museum, Roswell, New Mexico

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

People ask me all the time why I decided to do this road trip. "Because I wanted to" - is my usual response. But it's actually much more than that. I read an article awhile back that really spoke to me called  "The Top Five Regrets of The Dying"  by Bronnie Ware, an Australian hospice nurse. I'll let you read it for your yourself. Maybe it was the combination of also being a hospital room with a friend who wanted so desperatly to see waves crash on the beach just one more time, but couldn't

 Folsom, California

 Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea, California

 Humboldt County, California

 Coronado Beach, CA

 Sasquatch Music Festival, Quincy, Washington

I encourage everyone to do something that you've always wanted to do. No matter how large or how small. Whether its finally talking to that guy you've had a crush on, or going to that concert you've always been meaning to go to but just couldn't find the time. Do it.